Feedback from our students

We value feedback and testimonials from our valued students and corporate trainers. If you would like to submit your own testimonial, comments or feedback about our staff, learning materials, or courses, please email the Hospitality Alliance Training team at [email protected]. Alternatively you can call our office on 1300 640 616.

"Thanks a lot for your cooperation. I am really so happy with your service and definitely recommended my friends for training."

Manju - Western Australia

"I have been so impressed with [the] Clubs WA RSA course. I have already recommended it to several people. The course content and structure has been carefully thought through to enable participants to gain the maximum possible learning. Many thanks for a fantastic learning experience!”"

Kandos Returned Services Community Club

"I have retrieved my RSA Certificate. I am very happy with the training materials given. Will definitely recommend this course to people who need it, thank you very much."

Yuanna - RSA ACT

"Thanks for marking my RSA Course and getting me through without too much difficulty. I'm looking forward to using my skills in my new job. I've just started training to become a Customer Service Agent with Coles, and I will be delivering grocerieis including Tobacco and Liquor to customers. I found the course was informative and interesting, and I was able to do it from home (which is great)."

Benjamin, NSW RSA

"This online assessment is the best thing since they invented money.”"

John H Hyatt, Bundarra Sports & Recreation Club

"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround! I didn't do the questionnaire because I was pressed for time but just wanted to say I'm really happy with the service!"

Laurie - MLP Approved Manager

"Dear Linda, It was a real pleasure to have done FSS course with your organization. This will benefit me immensely in the future. Furthermore your staff was extremely helpful esp. Bella who took her time to explain all the requirements. Even Bob came out to say Hi. People like your staff makes it a real pleasure and gives one confidence to pursue our goals further. I look forward to enrolling for other courses in the future. I wish you and your team all the best in your work."

Nazreen, Perth Western Australia (face-to-face training)

"Thank you for your prompt reply and all your support, the HAT team have provided a far superior service to others in the online training industry."

Sarah - RSA WA