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Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Course - All States 1111

"Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol" course (code SITHFAB002) is mandatory training required by anyone who is involved in the sale, supply or service of alcohol in any state or territory within Australia. The course provided by Hospitality Alliance Training details the skills and knowledge required to be able to responsibly sell or serve alcohol and to satisfy the requirements for the responsible sale and service of alcohol (RSA) under state or territory legislation.

This unit covers the RSA skill and knowledge requirements common to all States and Territories. However, some legislative requirements and knowledge will differ across borders and so we provide online RSA courses which are tailored for the conditions specific to each state and territory in Australia. Currently, Hospitality Alliance Training provide online RSA courses to the following states (select a location to continue):

Management of Licensed Premises (MLP1) Course - WA only 

Please note that this is a course intended for people working in Western Australia only. You are also required to complete the pre-requisite training for this course: SITHFAB201, also known as the RSA unit. If you already hold a previous RSA certificate (SITHFAB009A or THHBFB09B) this will be accepted as satisfactory evidence of prerequisite RSA training.

The Management of Licensed Premises course (code 52473WA: MLP1) is the required training (as per the Liquor Control Act 1988) for Licensee and Duty managers.  The MLP1 certificate satisfies the training requirement for persons applying for an Unrestricted Approved Manager ID card. You may only act as a Duty Manager if you hold an Approved Manager ID card. This person is responsible for the Liquor Licence, during their shift, and in charge of supervising service staff when liquor is being sold and supplied to customers.

There are two types of approved manager: a restricted approved manager and an unrestricted approved manager. The type of manager that you must be is dictated by the type of liquor license the venue holds. This will also dictate the required level of training you must attain. To find out what level of training you need as well as what type of manager you must be, please refer to the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor's Approved Manager Lodgement Guide located at the following link.

The course provided by Hospitality Alliance Training will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to not only be capable of supervising service staff, but also to deal with compliance issues relating to the liquor license of their venue. Please click on the following to continue:

Good Governance in the Club Industry - WA only 

Course Introduction

By engaging in effective corporate governance, management committees help ensure the strategic long-term financial viability of their club.

Corporate governance generally refers to the way an organisation is managed.  The Australian Standard (AS 8000) defines corporate governance as:

“the processes by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account. It encompasses authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control exercised in the organisation”

Course Intended for

This training course has been developed to assist the management committees and key personnel of licensed clubs within Western Australia in the governance of their clubs, and highlights management under both the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 and the Liquor Control Act 1988.  It is recommended that the training course MLP1 for the Club Manager be undertaken by your Club Manager:

Food Handler Course - All States

The "Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures" course (code: SITXFSA101) is intended for those who handle food as part of their employment. This includes people who transport food, cook food or handle food in some way. The course provided by Hospitality Alliance Training will teach students how to properly deal with food (cooking, handling, preparing, storing etc) so that it does not become infected and unsafe to consume as well as proper personal hygiene practices. 

Food Supervisor (Combined Units) Course - All States

The Food Supervisor Course is intended for those who are going to be responsible for the food processes and procedures within a business as well as supervising staff when food is being handled. The course provided by Hospitality Alliance Training consists of two units: SITXFSA201 and SITXFSA101 (the required pre-requisite training for SITXFSA201). Students who conduct this course with us will be taught the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively control the food processes and procedures within their business. This includes being able to set up processes, monitor and assess procedures, identify faults and problem areas, and correct identified problems.

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